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Tapio Lae offers you high class tours both within Finland and abroad! Our offering consists of trips to popular summer theaters around Finland, trips to different fairs and shopping trips to large malls and IKEA. We are on a regular basis visiting Viipuri in Russia, the flower fair in Türi Estonia and Pyhäjärvi Spa in Estonia. Other destinations in Europe are also visited with a yearly renewed program.

Are you planning a trip for your group? We can help you with the arrangements just according to your wishes. We are experts in the business and have good networks both domestically and abroad. Everything from hotels, guided tours, meals and other activities can be arranged.

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Tapio Lae Oy is also a accredited travel agency. Tapio Lae Oy is registered as a official responsible travel agency, and is part of the Association of Finnish Travel Agents (AFTA).

It is easy to find all upcoming tours from the calendar. Just click one to get more information!

Come with us on tour! Tapio Lae Oy offers memorable trips with good company.

Sightseeing tours

Tottesund, Vöyri & Orisberg

Matkalla pääset tutustumaan Tottesundin kartanoon sekä Vöyrin mielenkiintoiseen puukirkkoon. Pääset myös ihailemaan Orisbergin toimintakeskuksen merkittävää kulttuuriympäristöä sekä nauttimaan maittavan lounaan. Kiertoajelu järjestetään yhteistyössä Orisbergin toimintakeskuksen kanssa!

– Päivämäärät esimerkiksi: 23.4. / 6.6. / 24.6. / 25.6. / 5.8.
– Kesto: Koko päivä, 7-9 h

Lataa esitteet tästä: Lähtö Seinäjoelta TAI Lähtö Vaasasta

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VISAS to Russia

Russian Visas are filled by us through the Russian online Visa-service. Please, note that we can arrange with Visas not only for our own tours to Russia but also for your private needs (both single use and annual Visas)!

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Save either a Word-file or a PDF-form to your own computer and fill required fields. Please, return the filled form to us as soon as possible after your confirmed booking.

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